A Story of Healing from Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trafficking
by Carolyn Thompson

"...highly recommended for a variety of collections, from those geared to teen audiences to religious, psychology, and self-help holdings. "
- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"I had been living with suppressed unanswered 'why' questions for years: why would God have allowed my abuse? Why would He have sent me back home when I was 12, rather than rescuing me?" - Carolyn Thompson, Open Eyes, Happy Heart

After surviving a hidden history of childhood sex trafficking, Carolyn had a major problem with the idea of God as a loving Father. But God had a purpose in her pain and a plan for her life.

God planted a desire in her heart for a better life than she was living, and He guided her there one step at a time. Walk with Carolyn through her miraculous journey and be amazed at what a good Father God truly is!

Open Eyes, Happy Heart is a bright and hopeful book suitable for teens and adults (no graphic content). Whether you have survived sexual abuse or childhood trafficking, know someone who has, or just need to hear a great story of God and His love...this book is for YOU! 


"In this book Carolyn details her remarkable journey that offers hope. While Carolyn may be a victim of sexual abuse, she has chosen not to live like one...My hope is that by reading this book, you will let the God of grace Who rescued Carolyn from the darkness of her sexual abuse change your life too." - Greg Kirksey, Teaching Pastor, The Church at Rock Creek

"It's rare to see a subject embracing sexual abuse and childhood trafficking arranged in such a way that teen audiences can absorb the details without graphic, inappropriate descriptions, but Open Eyes, Happy Heart: A Story of Healing from Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trafficking is designed for this audience." - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"The deeper the hurt, the more profound is the healing...Only in Jesus Christ is this possible...Carolyn has asked that her story be shared with incarcerated offenders in the hope that in the grace of God they would receive healing and forgiveness. She is living out the grace and love that Jesus displayed on the cross. No greater love is possible!" - Charles Speer, Paul and Silas Prison Ministries

"When discussing abuse, Thompson is never graphic, though the horror is clear. Her emphasis, instead, is on trauma recovery, with a focus on inner strength, the power of forgiveness, and the therapeutic techniques and intense, at times contentious prayer that helped her...This Christian memoir focuses on nurturing the strength to heal after sexual abuse." - BookLife Reviews

"While the story of my family situation and hers is very different, God was able to use Carolyn's story to speak life into ours because of her obedience to Him....I've seen the power of the Holy Spirit, grace, and forgiveness pour out of Carolyn where from a worldly perspective it would only make sense to see a victim, and anger, and shame..." - Shannon Calhoun, Women's Ministry Director, The Church at Rock Creek

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Carolyn Thompson is the author of Open Eyes, Happy Heart: A Story of Healing from Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trafficking. The story is intensely personal, much like her relationship with God. But neither her story nor her relationship with God was ever meant to be private. She hopes that by sharing what God did for her, other survivors will be prompted to reach out for healing

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Carolyn is a friend of Partners Against Trafficking Humans, a great and godly resource for reaching survivors. Donations make a huge difference! Learn more about PATH.

Carolyn is also a friend of Paul and Silas Prison Ministries. They have blessed her by taking her story directly to the incarcerated in multiple states. You can help support their Gospel outreach! Learn more about Paul and Silas Prison Ministries.

You can also join Carolyn's home church, The Church at Rock Creek, in person or online each week to get solid, Biblical lessons that will help you be a great ambassador for Christ! Learn more about The Church at Rock Creek.